Our rentals are fully customizable, and add style to your event, without the cost of having to purchase and store these items yourself.

DSC06552 Table Numbers: We stock frames, and can hand write, or create and print new designs for your event, we will even paint the frames to match your color scheme.







Gift Card Holders can be painted, or decorated with different fabrics, flowers, or other themes.

Multi Height Candle Sticks, can decorate your entry table, gift table, or centerpieces.


Tall pillar vases look amazing with floating candles, or submerged floral arrangements.

These vintage bud vases and tea light votives to add color and style to centerpieces.

Metallic hurricane lanterns create a romantic beach wedding aisle, or add drama to your venue. Our selection of lanterns can be custom painted to match your decor.


Rustic upcycled windows and mirrors can be used for seating charts, we can create them by hand, or use printed copies of your guest list.

This vintage duck egg rack can be used to
display guest favors, or family photos.


We have wooden and metal easels available.


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